A few quotes from people we have worked with

"Curtis has proven to be a strong and highly knowledgeable professional who has served our organization very well this past year. I would highly recommend his services without hesitation."

~ Mr. David Miller, CIO, Alberta Blue Cross

"I have been consistently impressed by Curtis' professional competency and solid knowledge in the IT security, compliance and governance disciplines. He was integral in helping us establish the team's long term strategy and short term operations plan. His leadership skills, performance on the job and work ethic is exceptional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him..."

~ Mr. Henry Wong, Sr. Manager, Alberta Blue Cross

"...I found Curtis to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and reliable. Curtis’ work was always of high quality and he was thorough in his analysis and recommendations...Curtis has the unique ability to work and communicate at a very detailed level (i.e. talk specifically about COBIT, ISO and other frameworks) and then, can change gears and discuss issues at an executive level with the CIO... Curtis is genuine, understanding and was well liked and respected by the staff at Alberta Blue Cross. I would absolutely hire Curtis again and he would be an asset to any organization."

~ Mr. William Pumphrey, Manager, Alberta Blue Cross

"Curtis is a leader, humble, creative, and has a tremendous amount of integrity. During his time at Alberta Blue Cross I have witnessed him inspire those around him, including myself...He is humble despite the years of knowledge, experience, and education he brings to the table. He is reliable, and always does what he says he will...He's an out of the box thinker, tackling challenges in a unique and successful way. Curtis is an excellent speaker and presenter. He is able to clearly convey his message at all layers of the organization, including the C-Ievel suite. I can recall several meetings and presentations where Curtis had educated or influenced the attendees, helping Security Services reach the goal of creating an IT Security Framework."

~ Mr. Mike Thompson, Team Manager, Alberta Blue Cross

“…I consider you one of the greatest security visionaries I've ever been in contact with.”

~ Mr. John Cox, former CISO, Maximus

“Curtis is a strategic thinker who is able to very quickly create prioritized, actionable goals and set realistic expectations. He always demonstrates professionalism in every facet of business and has a proven record of success as a leader during his tenure with me. In conclusion, let me very strongly recommend Curtis and endorse his leadership abilities.”

~ Mr. Robert Sano, Director, National Solutions Delivery, TELUS

“The Government of BC is focusing it's collective energy in the technology space around a comprehensive IM/IT plan. Curtis Blais was one of the early visionaries at TELUS who clearly ‘got it’. Curtis understood what we are doing and why it's important and performed an extremely valuable function championing those ideas back inside TELUS.”

~ Mr. Dave Nikolejsin, CIO, Government of British Columbia

"Curtis is a strategic 21st Century thinker and doer and he has a vision that captures the imagination. Curtis is a highly regarded leader in the security community"

~ Mr. Gene McLean, CSO TELUS / Canadian Security Director of the Year

“Curtis is a very driven / meticulous individual with an amazing depth of knowledge in security and its relevance to the business. As a manager, Curtis is very supportive and works hard to ensure that his team members are comfortable with their roles on the team. In addition, he ensures that all members are provided with the opportunities, tools, knowledge, etc required to be successful. I hope that I will have the chance to work with this gifted individual again sometime in my career.”

~ Mr. Edmund Ng, Senior Consultant TELUS

“I have reported to Curtis while at TELUS Security Solutions. Curtis is a great team leader with deep knowledge of security technology and vast experience in government and healthcare verticals. He had managed multi-phased multi-million dollars engagements with large public and crown corporations in Western Canada to deliver project on time and on budget.”

~ Mr. Sergiy Konopelnyuk , Senior Security Consultant, TELUS

“Curtis is an highly skilled and experienced individual with in-depth knowledge of the security field. During the period I reported to Curtis, he had a significant impact on my career. Curtis is one of the most creative mind I know, and taught me to think outside of the box when dealing with a problem or developing a solution for a client. Curtis is a great speaker both for large audiences but also to clients where he can successfully capture interest and influence moving forward strategies. Curtis also has outstanding analytical skills and an ability to develop complex solutions/architectures like not many people can in this field. From a management perspective, Curtis was a great manager and mentor. He was open, respectful, transparent, and would always be there to support his team members when needed."

~ Mrs. Brigitte Legault, Senior Security Consultant, TELUS

“In my opinion, Mr. Blais is not merely a contractor, but a true consultant capable of providing executive level guidance and has delivered more value than the scope of his contract. He designed a complete strategy for one specific area, negotiated with a vendor for favorable terms on a project and worked directly with external auditors to ATB's benefit. He is a visionary and has strong professional leadership qualities.”

~ Mr. Mike Redeker, CTO, ATB Financial

“It was my pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Curtis during my contract term with ATB. Curtis is the definition of professionalism. He is one of the most knowledgeable professionals it is my pleasure to know in the areas of Security and Compliance. I recommend Curtis to any organization, without hesitation.”

~ Mr. Bob Batten, B.Sc.(hons), ISP

“If you’re looking for someone with that rare combination of character, vision and leadership, who can still roll up their sleeves to get things done, meet Curtis Blais. I’ve worked both for and with Mr. Blais in several capacities, and continue to be impressed by his capabilities. What makes Curtis unique is his ability to draw from – and link together – multiple disciplines into coherent strategies and tactical plans. Couple that with Curtis’ one-hundred percent commitment to quality and delivery, and you have a combination from which any organization might benefit. My highest personal and professional recommendations to Mr. Blais.”

~ Mr. Tim Truman, President, SC Canada Services Inc.

“I had the good fortune to work closely with Curtis at ATB Financial for the past 18 months. Not only is he extremely personable and friendly, but Curtis also possesses an incredible breadth of knowledge and experience, and has what it takes to make great contributions to any organization. Highly recommended!"

~ Mr. Mark Ohman, Sr. DBA, ATB Financial

“I've never worked with a person with more integrity. Curtis is a competent, confident information security professional who inspires others to reach and exceed their potential. Professionally as well as personally he is always there to help you. He is a pleasure to work with and someone I am proud to consider a friend as well as a mentor.”

~ Mr. Ahamed Kamiss, Information Security Analyst, AIMCo

"I'm a practical person, and I don't like to fall into excessive praising, but I chose my words lightly when I say you were very inspiring."

~ Mr. Benoit Desforges, Sr. Consultant/Manager, KPMG